Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Thesis - Literature Study - JSR 135

According to Nokia’s developer guide [1], JSR-135 is Mobile Media API that allows MIDlets to do various multimedia operations, including: playing several kinds of audio and video, capturing images using the local device’s camera, and adjusting these operations using special kind of controls. In this thesis project, JSR-135 will be used to play audio and video files which are transferred from the news server. Thus, client will be able to preview the audio or video files before he/ she decides to keep the file permanently inside his/ her device’s storage.

The API will allow application developer to create an instance of Player, which can be connected to an audio or video file using Manager.createPlayer() method. After the connection has been established, the Player can get all of the resources needed to play the audio or video file by using the realize() method. To get media player controls, such as volume control or video control, getControls() method can be used. Moreover, prefetch() method can be used to take some part of the file, so that the player can start immediately when the start() method is invoked. In addition, stop() method can be used to stop the media player and deallocate() method can be used to release all resources being hold by the media player.

According to Nokia’s “MIDP Mobile Media API Developers Guide” [1] and embedded Java Documentation inside NetBeans IDE, JSR-135 supports the following media file extensions:
  • Audio : .WAV, .AU, .AMR, .MID, and .MP3
  • Video : .3gp, .mp4, and .rm

[1] MIDP Mobile Media API Developers Guide version 1.0, Forum Nokia. MIDP_Mobile_Media_API_Developers_Guide_v1_0_en.pdf.

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