Saturday, February 23, 2008

How to be like Jin Kazama


Want to be more like this video game bad ass? Then today is your lucky day!


  1. Learn martial arts, especially tradition karate and be prepared to fight people to the death!
  2. Wear things that has lots of fire logos. It makes you look "hot"!
  3. Take everything seriously. Even Chuck Norris jokes.
  4. Stop playing Tekken and work out. Jin is in pretty good shape.
  5. Dump your current barber and hire the most wacky hair designer to cut your hair from now on.
  6. Hate your father. Hate your father's father's. Hate your father's fathers father. Ditch hot Chinese girls in the name of vengence. Become a rival with a korean Tae Kwon Do bad ass. Love your mom. Hate yourself.
  7. Answer questions with the least amount of words possible.
  8. Learn how to grunt cool words in Japanese.
  9. Be "emo." Girls dig that.
  10. Learn Advanced Mishima Style Fighting Karate combined with Kazama-Style Self-Defense.


* Take Japanese classes.
* Grow black wings when someone pisses you off.
* Fight half naked, even if its cold. DO IT!!!
* Buy cool looking gloves and foot padding. Wear them to every occasion.

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