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My Internship at PT Bamboomedia Cipta Persada


The internship program is important for students to experience the real work situation whereas they could also implement knowledge gained in the classroom in to actual business practices. During the 7th semester, all the fourth year students of President University were having their second internship, including me, Antony Kurnia Gumi. I had my internship in PT Bamboomedia Cipta Persada (Bamboomedia), an e-learning and software developing company, from July 1, 2007 until October 31, 2007.

This Internship Report contains the summary of my activities and experience gained during the internship period. It also explains briefly related to the cooperate company, PT Bamboomedia Cipta Persada.

The purpose of this Internship Report is to fulfill the prerequisite of the 7th Semester. The other purpose is to give a glimpse of view for those who have never done an internship before so that they could prepare more for their first internship program later on.

I would like to thank Mr Putu Sudiarta, the owner of Bamboomedia, who had given me a chance to have internship in his company and for his guidance during the process. I also thanked Mr. Ketut Diana Adhie, my supervisor in Bamboomedia who had given me valuable experiences and knowledge. I also would like to thank Mr. Rila Mandala for his time and guidance during my internship and the making of this report. At last but not least, I would like to thank all my colleagues in the company that have accepted and taught many things to me.



PT Bamboomedia Cipta Persada


Information Technology Company

Company’s Status


Operating Status


Operating License

Software Development, e-Learning

Head Office

Jl. Jepun Kuning, Lotus Garden No. 4

Denpasar 80237, Bali - Indonesia

Phone : (0361) 466855

Fax. : (0361) 466855

Branch Office (Outlet)

Jl. Tukad Yeh Aya No 93

Denpasar, Bali - Indonesia

A. History

PT Bamboomedia Cipta Persada was established on February 20, 2002 in Denpasar. The founder and also owner of this company is Mr Putu Sudiarta S, kom.

Bamboomedia produces learning software and provides IT based business application. The company extracts knowledge from professionals and put all of that knowledge in a multimedia CD-ROM, company intranet, or in Internet web pages. It believes that knowledge would be better documented and easily distributed in digital format. Product and services of Bamboomedia are focused on each product’s quality and functionality, since customer would not be interested in buying useless products or services. In addition, Bamboomedia also believes that technology should make life easier, that’s why it also focuses on product simplicity.

Regarding its products quality and ideas, Bamboomedia has been awarded an e-learning award 2006 in education software developer category that was held by Pustekom (Pusat Teknologi dan Komunikasi) and SWA Magazine.

B. Vision

To improve learning and training quality through information technology innovation and application.

C. Mission

To be the best partner and solution provider for computer based technology learning and training in Indonesia.

D. Products and Services

1. Biz-T (Business Training)

Bamboomedia offers cooperation to some company and institutions who would like to market their products or services by means of soft marketing. Soft marketing is one way of marketing that will let your customer get closer to your products by letting them learn about your products. In this cooperation, Bamboomedia will produce CDs that contain its partner’s product information (i.e. general product information, how to use the product, product advantages, etc). Thus, the customer will be able to learn about the product via these CDs.

Below are some of Bamboomedia Biz-T products:

a. NISP Velocity

b. Intel: PC untuk semua 2006

c. Microsoft: Training CD Office 2007

d. Telkom: Internet Goes to School

e. Intel: PC Basic –SMB (Small Medium Business) Program

f. Microsoft: Games Win. XP Starter Edition

g. Microsoft: Learning Software (Project Based learning)

h. Binus Center: BCEP Program

i. Newmont: Ms. Outlook 2003

2. Flex-t (Flexible Training)

Bamboomedia produces e-learning CDs that will let customer to study about recent technology and software. These CDs could be assumed as substitutes for books. In contrast with books, tutorials in these CDs contain movies/ animation and also nicely narrated. Thus, watching tutorials in these CDs is the same as watching lecturer teaching in front of the class. Moreover, viewers can pause the tutorial or rewind them if necessary. That is something that you couldn’t do in a real class.

Below are some of the Flex-T products:

a. Training Office 2007

b. Tips & Trick Office 2003

c. Membangun e-Learning dengan Moodle

d. Koneksi PHP MySQL

e. Pintar Web dengan Dreamweaver

f. Bersahabat dengan Fisika

g. Information Technology and Computer

h. Primavera Project Planner

i. Web Super Cepat dengan Joomla

j. Kids Plus: Mengenal Dasar Windows & Dasar Flash

3. Simple Biz

Bamboomedia Simple Biz produces software / application that can be used by small to medium scaled business company. Most of these applications are made using Microsoft Access Database and VBA (Visual Basic for Application).

Below are some of Bamboomedia Simple Biz products:

a. Aplikasi Penjualan/ Distribusi Barang

b. Aplikasi Toko (Artshop, HP, Elektronik, Keramik, dll)

c. Aplikasi Sistem Inventory

d. Aplikasi Sistem Asuransi

e. Aplikasi Penggajian Karyawan

f. Aplikasi Perpustakaan Sekolah dan Kampus

g. Aplikasi Akademik Sekolah

h. Aplikasi Praktek Dokter

i. Aplikasi Jasa Penyewaan

j. Aplikasi Toko Online (Katalog Internet)

4. OnNet

Bamboomedia OnNet provides services for schools or academic institutions who would like to build a learning station. It will let student to learn their subjects inside computer laboratory or learning station. OnNet provides student with up-to-date learning materials from Internet that has been translated into Indonesian Language. OnNet can be easily deployed via Local Area Network (LAN) and Internet access is not necessary. Thus, teacher wouldn’t need to be worry about Internet Access’s side effect on student since student can only access OnNet on the school LAN / intranet.

Below are some of Bamboomedia OnNet products:

a. OnNet Vol.3 – 2007

b. OnNet Vol.2 – 2007

c. OnNet Vol.1 – 2006

d. OnNet Demo Version


Bamboomedia creates a website named It is where customer can register and follows online classes. As the name implies, the website can be accessed at

6. BM Games

Bamboomedia BM Games produces educative games, so that customer can learn and play at a time. Most of these games are made using Macromedia Flash.

Below are some of the BM Games products:

a. Cepat Cerdas Seri SD

b. TTM (Tak Tik Menang) Seri Pengetahuan Komputer

c. Karnaval

d. TEKA (Tebak Kata) Seri IPS SMA Kls 2


At Bamboomedia, I was assigned to Flex-T division which makes tutorial CDs. I was assigned on a project about database connectivity. It was about how to connect PHP, VB, and Delphi to MySQL, SQL Server, dbf formatted database, Ms Access, and Oracle. There are some steps that must be done in creating this tutorial:

1. Explore and Research

In this step, I had to find ways to connect all applications and databases that I had mentioned before. I explored Internet and read several books regarding this material.

2. Creating Table of Content (TOC)

The same as writing a book, content of this tutorial must be arranged so that the material could be nicely followed by viewers.

3. Sample and Demo Preparation

I had to prepare anything that is necessary before I started recording. I prepared the source code and created some sample applications.

4. Recording Screen / Capturing Demo

Screen Flash was used during this process. In total, I recorded 44 demos.

5. Narration Design

Narration would be recorded by other division. Thus, I had to provide them with a narration design so that they would know what to say in the narration. I design a narration for 44 demos that I had recorded.

6. Record Narration

This recording was done by other division who had people with nice voices. I had to wait for them to finish before I could proceed to the next step.

7. Mixing

In this step, I had to mix the captured demo with the recorded narration.

8. Finishing

This was done by Technical Support division. They put demos which had already been mixed into a flash template. This flash template contained an interface for user in order to interact with the tutorial (e.g. play, pause, stop, fast forward, etc).

9. Quality Assurance

This was done by Marketing division. They watched and marked the tutorial. If the tutorial passed, it would be produced and sold.


A. Personal Evaluation

Having internship in Bamboomedia was a new experience to me. I learned new things and met new people during the process. I also found that creating tutorial is not an easy job which needs a lot of patience and spend quite much of time, especially in recording the screen demo and mixing.

Compared to my first internship in PT Mulia Industrindo, this time I spent most of my time in creating the company projects. However, the numbers of projects given were less than what I got on my first internship. I also had less difficulty in adapting my self with my colleagues in the office. They were all nice and friendly person. Since I was the youngest in the office, I learned many life and working experiences from them. They were also helpful and responsive to my questions. I felt very comfortable with the working condition. In addition, in order to communicate during working hours, the company used a LAN chat application called Network Assistant.

Finally, I enjoyed my time in Bamboomedia. Many things I have learned during my internship period there. I enjoyed my days there.

B. Points Learned

During my internship period in Bamboomedia, there are points that I have learned and experienced. Below are the points that I have learned.

  • I have learned a lot of new knowledge related to tutorial creation.
  • I have learned what Bamboomedia is and how it runs.
  • I have learned the structure of authorities in Bamboomedia
  • I have experienced working in a team (Flex-T Division).
  • I have experienced working under pressure with dateline.
  • I have learned to be patient.
  • I have learned to be independent and be initiative.
  • I have learned to be brave in adapting my self to the corporate culture and be more open and friendly to the people in the office.
  • I have learned to be brave in admitting my mistakes and be responsible to fix the mistakes that I have done.
  • I have learned to be careful, more responsible and give maximum result in doing every given task.
  • I have learned to be more responsible for what I have done or said.
  • I have learned that every person in a company has unique personality and different ways are needed in interacting with each of them.
  • I have learned that theories are not enough to work because there are many other things that we have to learn in the work field.
  • I have learned that I might not work in a work field that is the same with my education background. Thus, I have to be open and eager to learn new things.
  • I have learned to always updating my self with the latest information by reading newspapers, watching news, browsing through internet and searching through other medium of information.
  • I have learned that asking questions and consulting with the colleagues and superior in the office could broaden my knowledge and perception. They also gave me a different point of view of an issue that I never thought about.
  • I have learned that the internship program is a good way to perform the ability of the students to the company. In the future, the company might offer the students to work there if the students are considered qualified.
  • Technically, I learned about Screen Flash, Sony Sound Forge, Delphi 7 & 8, PHP, VB 6, MySQL 5, SQL Server 2000, DBF database, Ms Access, Oracle 10g XE (eXpress Edition), Paradox database, and Rave Report.
  • I also learned little about Java Micro Edition (J2ME), Visual Studio 2005 and Crystal Report. During my spare time, I explore a little about these issues and successfully created a mobile database application using Net Beans. I also worked on a simple Inventory Control project using Visual Studio 2005, MySQL and Crystal Report.

Those are the points that I have learned. Since my major is Information Technology (IT), having internship in an IT-related company had given me valuable knowledge and experience. It did not only enhance my knowledge and ability but also my personality. I believe that all the things I have learned through this internship program will contribute a lot to my future.

Basically, the objectives of the internship program are fulfilled through all the things that I have learned during the internship period. It shows that the internship program is the right means to educate the students through real working situation. It is important because student not only need to learn theories in class but also need to apply those theories in practice. Thus, student would become well-trained and could become a prospective employee for future.

After conducting my internship program, I am interested to be involved and become one of the participants in the IT market. Based on my experience; there are lots of things that I and other students could gain after having internship in Bamboomedia. Thus, I recommend PT Bamboomedia Cipta Persada as a good place to do internship program for other students.

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