Sunday, June 01, 2008


Akhirnya, gw lulus kuliah. Sidang bener2 bikin grogi, but it's all over now. Gw uda melewati the last test and now it's time to graduate^^V. Btw, thesis gw kemarin mengangkat topik aplikasi handphone dengan judul "Client-Server Mobile Database Application Over Bluetooth Connection". Thesis ini membahas tentang pengembangan sebuah aplikasi database yang bisa dijalankan di handphone. Didalamnya dibahas juga tentang bagaimana menghubungkan aplikasi database ini dengan menggunakan koneksi Bluetooth. Berikut abstraksinya:

Bluetooth is one of popular technologies used for connecting electronic devices. Currently, most of mobile devices are Bluetooth-enabled. Files or data could be transferred between two or more mobile devices using Bluetooth connection. In each file transfer session, sender should initiates connection to the receiver/ client’s device before he could send the file. In order to make things simpler, it is better to provide clients with list of services and let them choose any services or records they want without involving much of sender activity. Thus, a server will be needed to accomplish this approach. This thesis will focus more on database records transfer between client and server database over Bluetooth connection. A database server will be created, so that the server could publish particular records which could be later viewed and downloaded by the client. The thesis also explores the use of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) in supporting some part of database basic capabilities such as database backup and recovery.

Berikut adalah objectives dari thesis ini:
  1. To find out how to connect server and client via Bluetooth.
  2. To build a mobile database server that could provide services for several mobile clients.
  3. To enable client to view available database records as list of services provided by the server.
  4. To enable client to retrieve database records from the server.

Tools yang digunakan:
  1. NetBeans IDE 5.5 + mobility pack
  2. Series 40 5th Edition Standard Development Kit (SDK) Feature Pack 1 from Nokia
Proses pembelajaran dan pembuatan skripsi ini menghabiskan waktu 4 bulan (Februari-Mei 2008). Quite frustating cuz I've never had experience with J2ME platform before. But now, I can say that I'm pretty good at it^^. I successfully created 3 applications (bundled in a package, called Bloom). These applications consist of:
  1. Bloom Server MIDlet
  2. Bloom Client MIDlet
  3. Bloom Server Activation MIDlet
I also manage to create a new service (I call the service as Bloom Service), which enables user to:
  • view and download news records and attachments
  • join votes
  • remotely insert records to server
  • remotely delete records from server
Furthermore, I wish to express my gratitude to all participants for their support during the thesis progress:
  • To my thesis supervisor, Mr. Drs. Nur Hadisukmana, M. Sc., for the patience, the guidance, the inspiring knowledge and the wonderful support.
  • To President University lecturers, for these bags of knowledge in my brain.
  • To Padmi, for every single day encouragement.
  • To Bayu and Hana, for contributing mobile phones as the experiment instruments.
  • To President University student batch 2004, for the wonderful four years of friendship.

Ok, It's all over now. So, what's next? Work or Postgraduate Study? Dunno...^^'

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